IMPORTANT NOTE: The following phases are approximations in terms of the main steps to be taken and the suggested time frame for each of them, up until the official arrival of an extraterrestrial civilization—the Elohim—on Earth

2019 - 2023

Diplomatic initiative

Find a country ready to host and organize an international conference to discuss the Optional Protocol Concerning Embassies for Extraterrestrials.

Download E4ET Protocol re Embassies for ET 2015

2023 - 2025

Site location analysis

Identify suitable sites for the ET Embassy Project in countries that have signed the E.T. Embassy Protocol and with which we have developed a good working relationship.

2025 - 2027

Site acquisition

The preferred site identified, acquired and transferred to the International Raëlian Movement, along with an agreement as to major off-site infrastructure.

Finalize the legal aspects of the ET Embassy Project.

2027 - 2030

Planning and implementation

Master planning, architectural and engineering design, approvals, contracts & commissioning.

Construction of the ET Embassy complex, including a half-size model of the Embassy that will be open to the public.

From 2030 the embassy will operate in caretaker mode, awaiting the return of the Elohim, our fathers from space