The ET Embassy Project attracts many scientists and technologists from around the world. Here’s a list of those desiring to welcome the representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization to an internationally recognized and suitably designed Embassy for Extraterrestrials. If you are a scientist or technologist and want to support the Extraterrestrial Embassy Project, please send your application and resume to

Austria, Dr. Werner Mayr, Doctor in physics


Australia, Jean-francois AYMONIER (Jarel) , Electrical Engineer, Programmer


Australia, Alcy AYMONIER (Alcy), Engineer, Information Technology, AI, Robotics, CyberMartialArts


Australia, Hans Telford, Information Technology, Multimedia


Australia, Veronique Chachay, Ph.D., physiology/biochemistry /clinical nutrition


Australia, Stephen Goldie, Urban Planner


Belgium, Dennis H. van Dorp, Ph.D., semiconductor chemistry/nanotechnology


Burkina Faso, Sie Benoit (Yael), DA, MD, Medical Doctor, Psychiatry


Burkina Faso, BADIARA Léon (Washo), Engineer, Genetic / Animals reproduction


Burkina Faso, HEBIE Ditalamane (Lamane), PHD, Agriculture / Economie


Burkina Faso, SIRIBIE Lassina (Lasso), Engineer, Sound Engineer


Burkina Faso, DABAL Amani Idriss (Osiris), Engineer Master, Water and environmental engineering,


Burkina Faso, GOUBA Joseph, Engineer, Telecom/ 2G, 3G / Green energy (Solar)


Burkina Faso, BADOLO Edadjain Placide (Joël), Masters degree, Méthode informatique appliquée à la gestion


Burkina Faso, TRAORE Assita (Bana), Licence, Sage-femme / Psychologie


Burkina Faso, HEBIE Ardjouma (Arël), Engineer, Agronomie


Burkina Faso, OUADBA Abdoulaye (Adriël), Engineer, Travaux de maintenance industrielle / Mécanic


Burkina Faso, KANTAGBA Adama (Kantraël), Secondary, Pschychiatric health


Burkina Faso, PODA David (Kpentol), Engineer, Agronomie


Burkina Faso, DOUANIO Manaka (Manak), Engineer, Animal production


Burkina Faso, MOUGNINGA Alima (Mera), PHD, Pharmacy


Burkina Faso, Soura Moussa (Bayorbafié), Engineer, Air Trafic Control


Burkina Faso, SIRIBIE Salia (Fangambi), Engineer, Génie civil / Infrastructures


Burkina Faso, SOMBIE Baperma Ipolite (Hydrepyros), Masters, Sciences de la vie et de la terre / Géologie


Canada, Sylvain ROCHON (srochon), BSc, Biochemistry, BSc, Chemical Engineering, BEd, Education


Canada, Marc RIVARD, MD, Emergency Medicine


Canada, Wolfgang BLACH, Engineer,


Canada, Francesco Caron, Ac, Médecine Chinoise


Canada, Alain Gauthier, MSc Cell Biophysics and Biology, Plant biology


Canada-China, Mark PROULX (Mark), Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Automation & Robotics


China, Sun Wen, Ph.D., Chemistry, Electrochemistry


China, Star, B.S (Bachelor of Science), Engineer


China, Stone, Associate Degree of Science, Engineer


Colombia, Ramiro Perdomo Rivera, Electronic Engineering, Industrial Automation Specialist


Congo, Gonnard BAKIMISSA (Woukoussa), Hydraulic Engineer, Chief of Project in Petroleum Industry


Congo, Landry Jean-Pierre GOMAT (Tshielikk), Ph.D., Mathematics – Mechanics: Dynamics analysis of Multibody system


France, Devaux Michel, Engineer, Institut National Polytechnique of Grenoble (INPG), Ecole Nationale Superieure of Électrochemistry and Electrometallurgy (ENSEEG ).


France, Francois PITHON, MD, OPH, Microsurgeon, Researcher


France, Marcel TERRUSSE, chemical engineer


France, Lucie Barathieu, MSc, Biology, Associate Director/Global Drug Safety Advisor

Ireland, Stephen FOLEY, Genetics and Cell Biology


Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire), Koffi Faustin KONAN (IPOUWA), MD, Doctorat Medecine, Ophtalmologist




Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire), BONI YVES: MS PHYSIQUES


Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire), BONI SEVERIN MD, Doctorat Medecine, Ophtalmologist




Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire), ERICSON BROU


Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire), Jean-marc MEYER (Atomoly) , Electronic and Telecom Engineer, Programmer


Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire), Karim OUATTARA, Engineer, Computer system & network


Japan, Daisuke Oda, MD, Sanitary engineering, Civil engineer, Sewer engineer


Japan, Katsuhiro Kitsunai, Master of Agriculture, Biochemistry, Food Science


Japan, Toshiaki Yamagata, MD, Rheumatology


Japan, Yoshihiko Tokairin, BSc, Molecular Biology, Water Treatment, Seawater Desalination


Korea (South), Yun Pyo JUNG (Cosmos), BSc, Navigation, Cosmology


Korea (South), Han Kyu-Hyun (Solomon), PhD, Immunology


Poland, Marcel IONESCU, Business Development Director – OLMA Holding


Poland , Rafal Wieczorek, Software engineer


Portugal , Natalia Morais, Ph.D. in Physics


Spain, ANDRÉS LÓPEZ MUÑOZ, Physician Surgeon (MD) Doctor In Medicine Emergency (A & E) Doctor Doctor In Aesthetic / Cosmetic Medicine


Switzerland/USA, Thomas Kaenzig, Lic.oec.HSG (Master’s Degree), Finance


Switzerland, Antoine Berner, Masters in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineer


UAE, Yves Barathieu, Engineer, Oil & Gas Projects, Risk Management, Planning, Document Control


UK, John REID, MD, Surgeon


UK, Marcus WENNER, PhD, Neurobiology


USA, Marc Letourneau, M.A. Measurement Statistics, Principal Statistical Programming – Clinical Research, SAS programmer, BA/License Counseling


USA, Harold HENNING (Luc), MD PhD FACOG, PhD, Reproductive Physiology and Fellow American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists


USA, Larry Abdullah, DDS, Health Sciences, PhD, Applied Management and Decision Sciences


USA, Brigitte BOISSELIER, PhD, Biochemistry, Stem Cells, Cloning


USA, Hortense DODO (Gbedia), PhD, Food Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Genetically Modified Organisms


USA, Mehran Saam, PhD, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics


USA, Phylis Hetie, PhD, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Stem Cell Biology


USA, Felix Clairvoyant, BSc, Biology, PhD, Sexology


USA, Jayaram Muthuswamy, PhD, Professor of Finance


USA, Richard (Riki) Kline, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) Cum Laude, Communications, Radio Frequency Systems


USA, Daniel Crouthamel, Master’s Degree in Physics, and works in healthcare EMR software development, engineering and implementation as an independent consultant


USA-Puerto Rico, Willie Girald-Rosa, PhD, Molecular Biology & Gene Therapy, Gene Therapy anti-cancer, Stem Cells and Molecular genetics of aging


USA-Puerto Rico, Adrián Girald-Rosa, MD: Doctor of Medicine, ER MD (CEO Atlantic Polyclinic; Policlínica del Atlántico)