Who is Raël?

Claude Vorilhon, now known as Raël, was born on September 30, 1946 in Vichy, France. He was a musician and then a motor racing journalist, but nothing prepared him for the extraordinary close encounter he had on December 13, 1973 with a visitor from another planet.


The visitor dictated a series of messages explaining that life on Earth is not the result of random evolution. Nor is it the work of a supernatural god. Instead, it is the creative product of extremely sophisticated genetic engineering techniques performed by highly advanced extraterrestrial scientists. Human beings were literally made “in their image” through a process of  “scientific creationism”.


References to these extraterrestrial scientists and their work, as well as to their symbol of infinity, can be found in the ancient texts of many cultures.


After being invited on a French TV show where he gave details of his encounter, thousands of people wanted to help him with his mission: to spread the Messages and build an Embassy to welcome our Fathers from space.


On October 7 1975, he had another encounter with the same extraterrestrial visitor who this time took him to their planet where he met previous Prophets such as Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and some three dozen others who were all specially chosen and educated by the extraterrestrials.

Who are the Raelians?

Raëlians are people who believe that Raël is a true prophet and have joined the International Raëlian Movement.

What is the International Raelian Movement (IRM)?

Following his “close encounters of the third kind” of 1973 and 1975, Raël went on a world lecture tour, which took him to over 115 countries in which he found people ready to help him with his mission. Raël and these first followers then formed the International Raëlian Movement. It now has more than 100,000 members around the world.

Are there any books?

Raël has written and published the following books:

  • 1974: Le Livre qui dit la vérité (“The Book Which Tells the Truth”)
  • 1975: Les extra-terrestres m’ont emmené sur leur planète (“Extraterrestrials Took me to Their Planet”)
  • 1978: La géniocratie (“Geniocracy“)
  • 1979: Accueillir les extra-terrestres (“Welcoming the Extraterrestrials”) ISBN 4-900480-06-1
  • 1980: La méditation sensuelle (“Sensual Meditation”) ISBN 1-903571-07-3
  • 1992: Le racisme religieux financé par le gouvernement socialiste
  • 1993: The Message Given to Me by Extra-Terrestrials, a compilation, in English, of the 1st and 2nd books ISBN 4-900480-05-3
  • 1995: Vive le Québec libre!
  • 2001: Oui au clonage humain (“Yes to Human Cloning”) ISBN 1-903571-05-7
  • 2003: Le Maitraya (“The Maitraya”)
  • 2006: Intelligent Design: Message from the Designers, a compilation, in English, of the 1st, 2nd and 4th books ISBN 2-940252-20-3

How can you be certain that Raël is a true messenger of the Elohim, this ET civilization who created us?

Like the early followers of any of the great prophets (1) of the past, you cannot be certain, you have to weigh the evidence and make up your own mind, but you do not have to become a Raëlian to actively support the creation of the embassy. See the Embassy for Extraterrestrials Project !


However, one measure of a prophet is in the accuracy of his or her prophecy. When first written in the mid 1970s, portions of the extraterrestrial’s messages recorded by Raël contained seemingly unrealistic descriptions of humanity’s future, including scientific and technological innovations that read more like science fiction at the time. Nevertheless, the future he related has already begun!


Indeed, Raël’s original French text refers to discoveries that seem fresh off the pages of today’s most prestigious scientific journals. Yet there’s no disputing the fact that Raël wrote that text over forty years ago – when only a few science fiction writers were even mentioning such ideas.  Raël wrote with confidence that the wonders he detailed would soon become reality – and the proof is now at hand!


Here are just a few of the seemingly improbable marvels he described four decades ago that are now well on their way to becoming reality:


Biological robots composed of organic materials, which will one day be capable of reproducing themselves.   Such machines, along with the ever-faster and more powerful computers that will handle all tasks now done by humans, will eliminate the need to work once and for all. Such robots and computers will provide the basic necessities of life – and much more – for every person on the planet. People will then be able to lead lives of fulfillment rather than lives of drudgery.


Human clones – genetic duplicates of our young adult selves – to which we will be able to transfer the personalities and accumulated memories of our lifetimes, thereby bypassing the infirmities of old age and eventually allowing us to achieve immortality. “Dolly,” a sheep, was successfully cloned in 1997, and where a sheep had led, humans couldn’t be far behind.


Nanotechnology : Lilliputian machines will soon be capable of synthesizing products in needed quantities. Such machines will also be able to repair body parts from within, eliminating the need to subject patients to intrusive surgery from the outside. Amazingly, the first prototypes are already here!



(1) From the Greek prophētēs: the one revealing.

Are all UFOs extraterrestrial spacecraft?

No, some UFO sightings are mistakes and some are fakes, but there are many that are very credible.


Mistakes occur when people see one star through a gap in the clouds in a moonless night sky, sunlight glinting off a weather balloon, car headlights on a distant road, or something similar. Usually the UFO does not move, or moves very slowly in one direction.


Fakes occur when mischievous people make up stories or post fake videos on-line. These videos usually involve a Frisbee or something similar thrown across the field of view of the camera or something painted on to a sheet of glass that is moved in front of the camera. Even more elaborate ones use a blue or green screen to film a model spacecraft and then edit it onto a video of the sky. Usually, the camera operator does not react, or reacts in a ‘staged’ manner and the UFO travels in one direction at a steady speed and is always in front of the trees, clouds, etc.


Credible sightings usually involve one or more UFOs that change speed or direction, fly behind trees and clouds, etc. Numerous reports are backed up by radar signatures showing UFOs flying at incredible speed and undertaking maneuvers that defy known laws of physics and are far beyond our current capabilities. Also many sightings are reported by different people in different locations, or by reliable people such as policemen, pilots and astronauts.


Reliable information on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) is available from a number of sources. These include:

  • The personal testimony of Mr. Paul Hellyer, who was Minister of National Defence and then Minister for Transport in Canada in the 1960’s and who is still a member of the Canadian Privy Council;
  • Official reports of UFO sightings filed by the pilots and other service personnel of Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Uruguay and the many other countries that have opened their UFO files.
  • In the United Kingdom these documents include a directive by Sir Winston Churchill who, after discussing the matter with then General Dwight Eisenhower, decided on 5 August 1944 (two months after D-Day) to ban the reporting of a UFO incident for fifty years.
  • More recently, Apollo 14 veteran Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who in 1971 became the sixth man to walk on the moon, told a British radio station in July 2008 that Earth is being visited by alien beings, and “The UFO phenomenon is real, though it has been covered up by our governments for a very long time.”


Please note that only one of the many thousands of reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) has to be a true sighting of an extraterrestrial spaceship for extraterrestrial civilization to be a reality.

Are extraterrestrials dangerous?

Contrary to what certain movie studios, governments and mass media try to make us believe, extraterrestrial visitors always have peaceful and respectful intentions. This follows a universal law governing interstellar expeditions: The ability to visit other civilizations depends solely on a civilization’s ability to conquer its self-destructive aggressiveness.

What is required to build the Embassy for Extraterrestrials?

There are both planning and architectural requirements and certain conditions regarding safety and security of the extraterrestrials that will use the embassy.


The safety and security conditions are that the land on which the embassy is located must be considered neutral territory by the host country and by all other nations and the airspace located above and surrounding the embassy must not be subject to direct military monitoring or monitoring carried out by radar or other means.


The planning and architectural specifications are:




  • It must have an area of at least four square kilometers.
  • It must be located in a pleasant country with a warm climate.


Embassy exterior:


  • The building is to be approximately 132 meters long by 49 meters wide.
  • It must be built in the middle of a park, with a minimum distance of 1,000 meters from the wall surrounding the lot to the Embassy building, thus providing privacy for both the residence and the swimming pool.
  • The embassy building itself must be a one-story structure, with a surrounding wall and a curtain of vegetation.
  • The enclosing wall must have two points of entry, one on the northern side and the other on the southern side. The residence itself must also have two entrances.
  • The roof of the residence must contain a terrace on which a machine twelve meters in diameter can land. Access from this terrace to the interior is essential.
  • A swimming pool is also essential.


Embassy interior:


  • The residential area must contain seven bedrooms for guests, each with its own bath. These bedrooms must always be ready to receive visitors.
  • The building must have a conference room large enough to receive at least 21 people.

Who will pay for building and maintaining the Embassy for Extraterrestrials?

The International Raëlian Movement will. We only ask that the land be donated and that there is adequate infrastructure in the vicinity (roads, water, etc.).

How do you know that an embassy built to these requirements will be acceptable to the extraterrestrials?

When he met the extraterrestrial, Rael was informed of the Embassy plans. The plans and a scale model were presented officially to the press during August 1991. Interestingly, on August 3, 1990, in Hazeley Down, Hampshire, England, a crop circle with the exact shape of the proposed Embassy was observed. Soon thereafter, several other crop circles with similar forms were observed as well, and their configurations may be considered as other possible architectural designs for the Embassy. See this crop circle in our image gallery

Are crop circles also messages from extraterrestrials?

In short, the real ones are! For those new to this topic, crop circles are those complex shapes that are sometimes found in grain fields.


Until recently, the origin of these crop circles was a mystery, and their increasingly complex shapes challenge all mainstream scientific hypotheses.


Although eyewitness accounts can be traced back to the 14th century, it is only since the early 1980s that crop circles have started to attract public attention. When this phenomenon was noticed and described for the first time, these surprising formations in wheat fields took the form of modest, simple circles just a few meters in diameter.


Decades later, thousands of formations have been reported throughout the world, some of them extremely complex and geometrically exact.


They represent mathematical equations, astronomical bodies and alignments, religious symbols, animals and even extraterrestrial life forms. Moreover, most are now much larger in scale than the earlier versions, with some up to 700 meters long and the area of the largest measuring about 4,000 square meters.  They are drawn with a surgical precision that defies mainstream explanations.


Nevertheless, it is difficult to say with 100 percent certainty whether or not a crop circle is genuine. Irregular borders with ragged edges, broken and/or uneven stalks suggest human intervention. However, many formations are so precise, large and complex that it would seem impossible for even a large team of people to make them in one night, and certainly not without leaving evidence of human involvement.


True crop circles – that is, those that are not hoaxes perpetrated by pranksters – are physical signs of amazing dimensions, growing complexity and carefully chosen themes – elements that make us wonder who created them and how, and to question our prior conceptions of scientific reality. They can cause us to speculate on the nature of the universe itself and about the other intelligent beings that may inhabit it along with us.


Our explanation is that crop circles are a gentle, playful and thought-provoking strategy aimed at preparing us for official contact by an extraterrestrial civilization. These short-lived agrarian works of art force people to speculate on the nature of the authors whose intent is to familiarize them with the presence of external observers and prepare them psychologically for official and peaceful contact.


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Why don’t the extraterrestrials build an embassy themselves?

The extraterrestrial told Raël at the end of his six-day encounter in 1973 The only help we will give you will be to appear in the skies more and more frequently from now on in order to make people aware of the problem , and make them want to learn more about the truth that you are transmitting. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, if the people of the Earth are not ready for their arrival there will be mass panic and they do not want anyone to get hurt. Secondly, after travelling light years to get here they do not want to be shot at or chased by our military, as they currently are.

Is there a favoured site for the embassy?

The extraterrestrials expressed a preference for the embassy to be in or near Jerusalem and even transmitted the following message to Raël in 2000.


To the people of Israel


The State of Israel must give some territory located near Jerusalem to the Guide of Guides so that he may build there the residence, the Embassy of the Extraterrestrials.


The time has come, people of Israel, to build the New Jerusalem as it was foreseen. Claude Rael is the one who was foretold. Reread your writings and open your eyes.


We wish to have our Embassy among our descendants, and the people of Israel are the descendants of the children born of the unions between the sons of extraterrestrials and the daughters of men.


People of Israel, we removed you from the clutches of the Egyptians, and you did not show yourselves worthy of our confidence; we entrusted you with a message destined for all humanity, and you jealously kept it instead of spreading it abroad.


You have suffered for a long time to pay for your errors, but the time of forgiveness has come, and as was foreseen, we have said: “To the North give them up and to the South do not hold them back.” I have gathered your sons and daughters “from the ends of the Earth,” as is written in Isaiah, and you have been able to find your country again. You will be able to live there in peace if you listen to the last of the prophets, the one who was foretold to you, and if you help him to accomplish what we ask of him.


This is your last chance, otherwise another country will welcome the Guide of Guides and build our Embassy on its territory, and that country will be close to yours; it will be protected and happiness shall prevail, and the State of Israel will be destroyed once more.


You, child of Israel who has not yet returned to your ancestral lands, wait before returning there to see if the government will agree to our Embassy being built there. If they refuse, do not return, and you will be one of those who will be saved from the destruction and whose descendants will one day be able to find the promised land again, when the time comes.


People of Israel, recognize the one foretold to you, give him the territory to build our Embassy, and help him build it. Otherwise, as happened 2,000 years ago, it will be constructed elsewhere, and if it is constructed elsewhere, you will be dispersed once again. If, 2,000 years ago, you had recognized that Jesus was indeed our messenger, all the Christians in the world would not be Christians, but Jews. You would not have had problems, and you would have remained our ambassadors. But instead this task was given to other people who took Rome for their base.


Two thousand years ago, you did not recognize our messenger, and it was not Jerusalem but Rome that shone. Now you have a new chance for it to be Jerusalem once more. If you do not seize it, another country will shelter our Embassy, and you will no longer have any right to the land we had chosen for you.


Unfortunately, the State of Israel has ignored this message and refused our requests for a site for the embassy. It is now open to any country on the planet to provide a suitable site.

Why would a country provide land for an Embassy for Extraterrestrials?

There are three very good reasons:


Firstly, consider the status of being the first country in the modern era to openly welcome the representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization to this planet.


Secondly, peace and prosperity! The country granting the necessary extraterritoriality and authorization for the Embassy to be built within its territory will enjoy the protection of the extraterrestrials.


They will come officially and land at the Embassy, and they will ask to invite the official representatives of the most important countries on Earth. If all goes well, they will allow humanity to benefit step by step from their scientific advances. Depending upon the use that will be made of their knowledge, they will decide if they can give humanity all their knowledge and allow us to enter the intergalactic era with their 25,000 years of scientific progress as our inheritance.


This country will become the spiritual and scientific center of the planet for millennia to come and happiness will prevail within its borders. Will it be your country?


Thirdly, consider the benefits of religious tourism, a major source of revenue in many countries. It has been on the rise in recent years, generating huge revenues for host countries. Visitor spending includes considerable amounts spent on:

  • Accommodations
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Retail goods
  • Admission fees
  • Tours and guides
  • Leisure


In addition, general infrastructure benefits accrue through the addition of new airports, roads, rail service and mass transit systems. Last but not least, religious tourist sites generate added publicity through news features and special events making host countries better known in circles outside the religious tourism sector.


The largest tourist gatherings are religious in nature, and in many cases there is a rapid growth in mass religious tourism. The numbers (below) of visitors attracted by some of the major religious sites are:


So, it is very clear that the potential economic benefit that a major religious site can bring to its host country is enormous.


It’s safe to say that the Embassy of the extraterrestrials will not only draw more visitors than any site listed in the previous section, but more than all of them put together. Particularly after contact is made!


(1) Further reading: Karen Tate. Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations. p. 89 “Makkah al-Mukarramah and Medina,” Encyclopedia Britannica. Fifteenth edition 23. (1107). 698-699


Finally, there is the economic benefit of building such a major facility and keeping it operating. Once the embassy itself is completed we plan to build a scientific research establishment and a conference facility as well.

Which planet will the extraterrestrials come from?

While there are intriguing references in some religious texts, we do not actually know. In fact they might even be hiding their planet from us by using science that we have not yet discovered (use a search engine to find “Dyson Sphere” if you are interested in this possibility). However, we do know that there are a lot of planets out there!


First, a bit of perspective: Our sun is but one among a literally countless number of stars! A recent study at the Australian National University tallied the number of stars captured by our telescopes at seventy sextillion or 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. This mind-numbing number – represented by a 7 plus 22 zeros – is roughly 10 times the number of sand grains making up all of Earth’s beaches and deserts. In other words, for each and every grain of sand on our planet, there are 10 stars! How many of those 70 sextillion stars have planets? And how many such planets have life? Most importantly, how many are inhabited by beings at least as advanced as ourselves?


Until very recently, the existence of exoplanets – planets orbiting stars other than our own sun – was merely a matter of speculation. In textbooks written just one generation ago, one can still find statements such as, “Other stars may have planets like those in our solar system, but there’s no way to know for sure.” Now we know! The first confirmed exoplanet was found in the 1990s, and by May 7, 2016.


Since the first exoplanet, HD 209458 b, was discovered in 1999 over two thousand have been identified. Many of them are rocky planets at a distance from their sun that makes them potentially habitable by life forms similar to us. However, on 17 December 2015 it was announced that one such planet, Wolf 1061c, has been discovered only 14 light years from us – many times closer than previous discoveries.


New discoveries are happening almost daily, so many that it is impractical for this website to try to keep up, but the important point is that it there are an infinite number of stars there must be an infinite number of planets, and if there is one civilization (ours) then there must be many, many more. The only real question is how far away are they and are they visiting our planet. See FAQ above for answers to that question.



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