The Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact

The Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact (AEDC) is a non-profit international network of diplomats, politicians, government officials, experts in extraterrestrial affairs, and interested people, with the shared goal of welcoming extraterrestrial civilizations to establish diplomatic missions on our planet.


The AEDC believes that the first, and most necessary step, is to have an agreed, international diplomatic framework for such contacts, preferably built upon the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961) and the two extant optional protocols to that convention. To this end, the AEDC has drafted a third optional protocol to the Vienna Convention, provisionally titled the “Optional Protocol concerning Embassies for Extraterrestrials” and is promoting discussion of, amendment of (if necessary) and then adoption of this protocol.


in addition, the AEDC provides authoritative advice and information to governments in order to assist their ambassadors, military, and policymakers to understand the nature and significance of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and to promote the development of appropriate policy.


The Alliance for Extraterrestrial Diplomatic Contact is currently headquartered in Montreal, Canada with continental offices in North America, Africa, Latin America, Middle East, Europe, and Oceania. The current executive director is Daniel Turcotte and he may be contacted at


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Note that the Alliance currently has three official working languages: English, French, and Spanish.

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